Tracmaster's Top 10 Gardening Jobs for October


Our top 10 gardening jobs for in October...

  1. Collect seeds and store them in envelopes (clearly labelled) in a cool, dark place until they are ready to sow.
  2. Plant conifers and evergreen shrubs so their roots can establish before winter sets in.
  3. Prune climbing roses to avoid damage during the winter.
  4. Dig up summer crops such as runner beans, carrots, and beetroot.
  5. Protect plants from frost by covering borders with a layer of bark compost, and wrapping larger plants such as tree ferns with a layer of straw or fleece.
  6. Transplant spring cabbages to their final growing position.
  7. Raise pumpkins and squash off the ground to allow them to ripen and keep dry. When the skin hardens they can be harvested.
  8. Clean and disinfect bird feeders and bird boxes before winter sets in.
  9. Keep lawns clear of fallen leaves. Leaves can be composted, or store them in bin bags to rot down to leafmould.
  10. If not already done, aerate compacted lawns to improve drainage.

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