Tracmaster's Top 10 Gardening Jobs for July


Our top 10 gardening jobs for July...

  1. Give your lawn a boost using a good quality lawn feed. Don't waste water during dry summer months.
  2. Cut back perennials to encourage continuous flowering.
  3. Harvest fruit and vegetables while they're at their peak.
  4. Cover fruit with a net to protect it from birds.
  5. Clear algae and other debris from ponds and top-up water levels.
  6. Water plants in tubs and containers at least once a day.
  7. In dry weather raise lawnmower blades slightly and reduce cutting frequency.
  8. If the weather is dry, touch up any paintwork.
  9. Put any conservatory plants outside while the weather is warm.
  10. Be water-wise! Check locally for drought warnings.

Make he most of the warm summer evenings and enjoy your garden.

If you've got any other tips we'd love to hear your ideas. You can tweet @Tracmasteruk or use our contact form.