BIO 100 PTO Chipper Shredder

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The BIO 100 PTO Chipper Shredder will easily turn branches and prunings up to 3" thick into recyclable mulch.

The chipper shredder, manufactured by Caravaggi s.r.l., has the benefit of separate infeed chutes for chipping and shredding.

The chipping chute has a high carbon steel chipping blade mounted on a 2cm thick flywheel for reducing branches and woody material up to 7cm in diameter.

The shredding chute is fitted with 28 swinging flails which will shred brush and green waste up to 1¼cm diameter.

The chipper shredder is easy to manoeuvre thanks to the two adjustable castor wheels, and for additional stability during operation there are two adjustable legs which can be locked in position.

For safety, the discharge area is protected by a grille and a rubber flap to help control the direction of the discharged material.

BCS PTO Chipper Shredder - High Carbon Steel Chipping Blade

BCS PTO Chipper Shredder - 28 Free Swinging Shredding Hammers
BCS PTO Chipper Shredder - Adjustable Castor Wheels
BCS PTO Chipper Shredder - Discharge Grill Safety Cover

PTO Chipper Shredder
Chipping Capacity 7cm (2¾")
Shredding Capacity 1¼cm (½")
Chipping Blades 1
Shredding Blades 28
Flywheel Weight 16¾kg
Dimensions (L W H) 100 x 60 x 130cm
Weight 95kg


Which power units will the chipper shredder fit to?

BCS 710
BCS 728
BCS 738
BCS 740
BCS 750
BCS 614
BCS 615
BCS 618 ✔*
BCS 630

* GX200 engine only.


What are the minimum power unit requirements?

8.4hp petrol or 6.1hp diesel engine.

Two working speeds.

Locking differential.

4.00 x 10 agricultural wheels.


Are any couplers or toolbars needed?

If the power unit has the Implement Quick Coupling fitted then an Additional Coupler will be required.

Please note: The BCS 660HY and 750 power units have their own specific coupler.


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