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So you need a mower, but which one do you choose for your particular application? There are many types of mower, from rotary to scythe, with each one having its own benefits in certain environments. But how do you know which one you need, and what works best where?

We've devised this guide to help answer questions about what the different mowers are designed to do, and which environments they are best suited to.

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With temperatures dropping and possible wintry weather on the way, now is the ideal time to give your BCS Snow Clearing Machinery a little TLC to ensure it is ready to provide you with the best possible performance.

This blog provides 10 simple steps to help you get your machine ready to clear snow.

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Over recent weeks the UK has seen some severe weather including persistent heavy rain and gale force winds, resulting in flooding and causing structural damage.

Gardens suffered due to the strong winds and rain so what follows is some basic advice, gathered from a variety of sources including councils and professional contractors, about how to deal with some of this damage.

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Most gardeners will agree that having a beautiful lawn reminiscent of a golf course is something to be proud of, but some of us struggle to find the time to invest in proper lawn care.

Here we share our advice for effective lawn care, and as landscaping around your property can increase its value, we think it’s well worth the effort!

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