Tracmaster's Top 10 Gardening Jobs for August


Our top 10 gardening jobs for August...

  1. Trim hedges now that the nesting birds have fledged.
  2. Cut back strawberries when they've finished fruiting to prevent spreading.
  3. Deadhead flowering plants regularly to prolong their blooms.
  4. Water containers, and new plants, at least once a day in dry or sunny weather.
  5. Collect seeds from your favourite plants to plant next year.
  6. Raise mower blades if it's dry to help the lawn retain moisture.
  7. Harvest vegetables as soon as they're ready and at their peak.
  8. Keep ponds and water features topped up especially if there's a dry spell.
  9. Feed the soil with green manures to improve soil structure and suppress weeds.
  10. Prune Wisteria to keep the vine and display in peak condition.

Finally, enjoy what you've created and make the most of the last days of summer and warm evenings in your garden!

If you've got any other tips we'd love to hear your ideas. You can tweet @Tracmasteruk or use our contact form.