CAMON C2000 Tiller

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The CAMON C2000 Tiller is perfect for cultivating many areas including allotments and garden borders.

Why the C2000?
The C2000 is a superb tiller that is the ideal tool for commercial and domestic applications. Designed and built by us in Sussex, the C2000 Tiller is easily capable of producing excellent results on previously cultivated ground such as garden borders, allotments and vegetable plots.

How easy is the C2000 to use?
The Tiller is very straightforward to operate. Simply start the Honda engine, get the engine revs up using the handlebar mounted throttle lever, then pull up the drive lever to move the machine forward and commence digging. To stop the machine, release the drive lever.

The digging tines are located at the side of the machine and these drive the machine forward through the ground. The digging depth is determined by the drag bar at the back of the machine, simply move it up to increase the digging depth or lower it to dig shallower.

We have included many features on the C2000 to make it a reliable and robust unit including a heavy duty chain case which offers longer life, metal tine guards for operator safety, foldable handlebars for easy transportation and storage, and individually replaceable tines to minimise maintenance costs.

We believe that the CAMON C2000 Tiller will stand up to the toughest work, and in recognition of its ability we offer a 2-year commercial warranty and a 3-year domestic warranty on the machine.

When can I use a tiller?
You can use a tiller at any time of the year, however, it's not really suitable for use in very hard ground. Generally speaking, a tiller is not designed for digging virgin ground - for this type of application we would recommend a gear-driven rear tine rotavator, such as the BCS 710 Rotavator upwards.

CAMON C2000 Tiller - Heavy Duty Tines
CAMON C2000 Tiller - Simple Operation
CAMON C2000 Tiller - Full Width Tine Guards
CAMON C2000 Tiller - Built In Lifting Handle
CAMON C2000 Tiller - Heavy Duty Chain Case
CAMON C2000 Tiller - Adjustable Folding Handlebars

C2000 Tiller

Engine Honda GX160
Fuel Petrol
Net Power Output 4.8hp / 3.6kW @3600rpm
Starting Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.1L
Fuel Consumption 1.4L per hour @3600rpm
Working Width 64cm (25")
Digging Depth 20cm (8")
Speeds 1 forward
Weight 75kg
Dimensions (L W H) 140cm x 70cm x 84cm
Warranty Domestic use - 3 years
Commercial use - 2 years


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