BCS Scythe Cutter Bar Attachment Parts Diagrams

Download parts diagrams for BCS Scythe Cutter Bar attachments. Simply select from one of the categories below to view the spare parts diagrams.

Important! Before ordering spare parts, please ensure you have checked all available diagrams in your chosen category as there are multiple diagrams for most units.

If you need any assistance, or if you have any queries relating to spare parts, please email our Spare Parts Department or call on 01444 247689.

BCS Scythe Cutter Bar Guides

Before ordering spare parts we recommend you check out these guides which help identify your Scythe Cutter Bar and which parts you should order.
Open PDF document Guide - BCS Scythe Cutter Bar Blades with Steel Drive Assembly
Open PDF document Guide - BCS Scythe Cutter Bar Blades
Open PDF document Guide - BCS Scythe Cutter Bar Covers
Open PDF document Technical Bulletin - Identifying your BCS Scythe Cutter Bar


BCS Scythe Cutter Bar Diagrams - 600, 700, 715 to 745 (1985 to 1993)

Scythe Cutter Bar - 'Europa' (from 1994)

Scythe Cutter Bar - 'Laser'

Duplex Scythe Cutter Bar

Cutter Bar Cover - Long (650/740)


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Page last updated: 12 July 2021.

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