Hay Rake

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The hay rake is a fantastic tool for rowing-up meadow grass and wildflowers, especially after using the scythe and saves huge amounts of time over hand raking.

Manufactured by Repossi Macchine Agricole srl, the hay rake is available in two widths, 105cm (41”) and 125cm (49cm) and with two steering options – a steering arm or front castor wheels.

The hay rake works by sweeping the grass into rows. It has a belt fitted with either 7 or 8 sets of 4-tooth combs (depending on the size) which sweep the grass up and over and into rows. The width and position of the rows is controlled by the adjustable arm located at the side of the hay rake.

It’s a very efficient method of not only rowing-up but also turning over cut material to prevent it from rotting and enabling it to dry.

The steering option is dependent on the power unit; for the Two Wheel Tractors the steering arm is the best option, and for the Commander power units we recommend the castor wheels option.

BCS Molon Hay Rake - Multiple Combs

BCS Molon Hay Rake - Front Castor Wheels
BCS Molon Hay Rake - Steering Arm Option
BCS Molon Hay Rake - Adjustable Side Arm

Hay Rake
Working Width 105cm (41") 125cm (49")
Steering Mechanism Steering Arm Steering Arm Castor Wheels
No of Combs 7 8
Max Working Speed 5 km/hr
Dimensions 125cm (width) 145cm (width)
Weight 80kg 85kg


Which power units will the hay rake fit to?

105cm (41") 125cm (49")
BCS 710
BCS 728
BCS 738
BCS 740
BCS 750
BCS 614
BCS 615
BCS 618 ✔*
BCS 630

* GX200 engine only.

What are the minimum power unit requirements?

4.8hp petrol engine.

One working speed.

4.00 x 8 agricultural wheels.


Are any couplers or toolbars needed?

If the power unit has the Implement Quick Coupling fitted then an Additional Coupler will be required.

Please note: The BCS 660HY and 750 power units have their own specific coupler.


Is there anything else required?

If the machine is being used on a slope then twin wheels or steel bank wheels may be beneficial for improved traction and stability.

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