How To Prepare Your BCS Machine For Winter

With temperatures dropping and possible wintry weather on the way, now is the ideal time to give your BCS Snow Clearing Machinery a little TLC to ensure it is ready to provide you with the best possible performance.

Simply follow the steps below and your machine should be ready to clear snow, should you need it. 

    1. Ensure you have fresh fuel in your machine. Fuel can go off in as little as 3 weeks, so if you have last year's fuel in your machine or fuel can then now would be the time to ensure it’s clean and fresh.

    2. Check your engine’s oil level. Most engine manufacturers recommend that the engine oil is changed at least every 12 months regardless of the hours the engine has run, so now might be the ideal time to change your engine oil.

    3. Check that the air filter on your machine is clean and dry.

    4. Check the gearbox oil level. Remember that if your machine is a BCS PowerSafe® unit then it requires the gearbox oil filter to be changed after the first 30 hours or 2 weeks of use.

    5. Check your tyre pressures. The recommended pressure is 18-20 psi.

    6. Lubricate all the cables on your machine with a few drops of oil. 3-in-one® oil is ideal for this task.

    7. Lubricate all the moving parts of the handlebar controls i.e. clutch lever, forward and reverse lever, brake levers, differential lock lever. 3-in-one® oil or GT85 maintenance spray is ideal for this task.

    8. Lubricate all the moving parts on your gearbox and engine i.e. brake pivots, PTO engagement lever joints, wheel speed lever joints, engine speed control lever. 3-in-one® oil or GT85 maintenance spray is ideal for this task.

    9. Use a small amount of grease to lubricate the detent ball located just underneath the wheel speed selection plate on your gearbox.

    10. Run your machine and check the operation of all the controls on your machine, clutch operation, forward and reverse, PTO engagement, operation of the deadman’s handle.

                  If you require any help with these tasks or require further information please feel free to contact Tracmaster on 01444 247689 or the dealer from whom you purchased the machine.

                  Alternatively email our Technical Department for assistance, or complete the online form.