Bank and Slope Mowers

BCS Bank Mowers For Cutting On Steep Slopes

These BCS machines are specifically designed for cutting on steep slopes.

From the cost effective BCS Crusader 630 to the Hydrostatic BCS 660 Commander, there is a machine for every application. They are able to operate a range of implements from scythe cutter bars and flail mowers, to rotary mowers and a mini baler.

Power is provided by the superb Honda Banks engines which enable the machines to operate on slopes up to a 40° gradient. These engines have unique features to guarantee the best performance in the most severe working conditions, such as:

  • A special one-way valve to guarantee optimal lubrication on slopes;
  • A membrane fuel pump to ensure an optimal fuel flow;
  • A maximum fuel level indicator and inner-vent carburettor to avoid overfilling and to guarantee safe operation under all conditions.