Precision Depth Roller

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The Precision Depth Roller is a fantastic tool which transforms the BCS 66cm and 80cm Rotavators into a machine combining the advantages of a power harrow and a rotavator.


The Precision Depth Roller is the perfect tool for landscapers preparing ground prior to reseeding and turfing. It is available in two sizes to fit either the 66cm (26") rotavator or the 80cm (32") rotavator attachments.

The full-width roller can precisely adjust the rotavator's digging depth from 12mm to 175mm, and as the rotavator digs, the roller will gently compact the soil surface to leave a ready-to-plant seedbed.

This is a cost effective addition to the rotavator attachment and it allows for precise control of the rotavating depth.

This means that shallow rotavating can be undertaken without bringing deep dormant weeds to the surface. However, if deeper rotavating is required then the roller can simply be raised to the maximum height so the tines can dig deeper.

Digging Width 66cm (26") 80cm (32")
Digging Depth 1½cm (½") to 17¾cm (7")
Max working speed 2.9 km/hr
Dimensions (L W H) 60 x 66 x 50cm 78 x 80 x 50cm
Weight 18kg 22kg


Which power units will the precision depth roller fit to?

66cm (26") 80cm (32")
BCS 710
BCS 728
BCS 738
BCS 740
BCS 750
BCS 614
BCS 615
BCS 618
BCS 630


What are the minimum power unit requirements?

8.4hp petrol engine.

One working speed.

5.00 x 10 agricultural wheels.


Are any couplers or toolbars needed?

If the power unit has the Implement Quick Coupling fitted then you will need an Additional Coupler.

Please note: The BCS 750 power unit has its own specific coupler.

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