CAMON LS52 Lawn Scarifier

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The new CAMON LS52 Lawn Scarifier has been developed to offer a larger version of our best-selling LS42. Offering a host of features to provide outstanding performance and efficiency, the new LS52 excels at ridding your lawn of thatch and moss. It is one of the only pedestrian scarifiers available with the ability to switch between a range of cartridges.

The CAMON LS52 can be supplied with a choice of cartridges. Choose from the Lawn Scarifier fitted with 36 free-swinging blades, the Lawn Rake fitted with 36 springs, the Lawn Slitter fitted with 18 fixed blades, or the Lawn Renovator fitted with 18 renovation blades. Each cartridge is designed to produce outstanding results in different applications.

The new LS52 Scarifier features include:

  • Quick release folding handlebars for easy transportation and storage.
  • Rubber mounts underneath the engine to reduce vibration.
  • Wheel scrapers to keep the wheels free of debris during operation.
  • Narrower wheels to allow the machine to operate closer to walls and fences.
  • An angled back flap which allows for improved discharge of moss and thatch.
  • An improved height adjustment knob which speeds up and simplifies the height adjustment.
  • Optional enhanced anti-vibration rubbers for the handlebars to further reduce vibration.

The CAMON LS52 also features a powerful and reliable Honda GX200 petrol engine which rotates the tines at high speed to pull out the maximum amounts of thatch from your lawn.

An optional 65L collection bag is available if required.


CAMON LS52 Lawn Scarifier - Wheel scrapers remove debris from the wheels whilst working

CAMON LS52 Lawn Scarifier - Precise, fast and simple height adjustment
CAMON LS52 Lawn Scarifier - Angled back flap allows for efficient discharge of thatch and moss
CAMON LS52 Lawn Scarifier - Optional additional anti-vibration handlebar rubbers
CAMON LS52 Lawn Scarifier - Rubber mounts under engine to reduce vibration
CAMON LS42 Lawn Scarifier - Allows the LS52 to get closer to edges and walls and fences

LS52 Lawn Scarifier

Engine Honda GX200
Fuel Petrol
Net Power Output 5.5hp / 4.1kW @3600rpm
Starting Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.1L
Fuel Consumption 1.7L per hour @3600rpm
Working Width 52cm (20")
Cartridge LS52 - Free swinging blades (36 blades)
  LS52F - Fixed blades (18 blades)
  LS52R - Spring rake (36 springs)
LS52V - Renovation blades (18 blades)
Collection Bag Optional (65L)
Weight 72kg
Dimensions (L W H) 120cm x 69cm x 98cm
Warranty Domestic use - 3 years
  Commercial use - 2 years

Lawn Scarifier Blade Options

Free-Swinging Blade Cartridge
This is our most popular all round rotor and it offers outstanding results. Fitted with 39 independently sprung free-swinging blades which are a "waisted" or "fish-tail" shape. The fine blade spacing and the staggered layout ensures that this cartridge will remove significant amounts of moss and thatch. CAMON Lawn Scarifiers | Free Swinging Blade Free Swinging Blade Cartridge
Spring Rake Cartridge
The Spring Rake is the least aggressive of the scarifier cartridges, and offers the ability for all year round scarification. It is fitted with 39 durable springs, and is excellent at "cleaning" out moss and thatch without disrupting soil or healthy grass. It is ideal for "manicuring" lawns. CAMON Lawn Scarifiers | Spring Rake Tine Spring Rake Cartridge
Fixed Blade Cartridge
The Fixed Blade, or lawn slitter, cartridge allows you to remove sub surface thatch up to 10mm into the ground depending on conditions. Each of the 20 blades is 2mm thick and is fixed in position to penetrate the ground. This cartridge can also used prior to overseeding or topdressing. CAMON Lawn Scarifiers | Fixed Blade Fixed Blade Cartridge
Renovation Blade Cartridge
This cartridge is designed to be used in situations where the old lawn needs to be completely renewed. Each blade has three tips - one straight, one angled to the left, and one angled to the right to help provide maximum coverage and enable the old grass to be ripped out. CAMON Lawn Scarifiers | Renovation Blade Renovation Cartridge


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