Augers for NEAHO35 & NEAHO50 One-Man Hole Borers

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  • Regular price Price (inc VAT): £80.00

Augers from 8cm to 25cm wide to fit the NEAHO35 and NEAHO50 One-Man Hole Borers.

There are 7 augers and a depth extension available to fit the One-Man Hole Borers.

Each auger is fitted with a replaceable cutting blade and has a central digging point positioned at the bottom of the auger shaft.

NEAHO35 & NEAHO50 Augers
Auger Width 8cm (3")
10cm (4")
12cm (5")
15cm (6")
18cm (7")
20cm (8")
25cm (10")
Auger Length 80cm (31")
Depth Extension 40cm (16")


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