CAMON C13 Rotavator

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The CAMON C13, manufactured by BCS S.p.A., can operate over 25 attachments for grass cutting, snow clearing, cultivation and estate maintenance.

The CAMON C13 is manufactured by BCS S.p.A. and is designed to tackle the toughest, most demanding cultivating tasks. A real workhorse, not only does it provide reliable performance and produce fantastic results, but it also offers you unbeatable versatility with its ability to operate a vast array of other attachments including a stone burier, power harrow, flail, rotary and mulching mowers, ploughs, buck rake, and scarifier amongst others.

It is the perfect machine if you're after a truly versatile machine to tackle different applications, or if you simply want a heavy duty rotavator for professional use.

The machine uses two different drives; one controls the wheels to move the machine forwards and the other controls the digging tines. Because both drives are functioning simultaneously the machine is effectively doing all the work. 

The rotavator will keep digging for as long as it is in contact with the ground and in good conditions, and after a few passes, it can dig down to a depth of up to 8" (20cm).

The digging depth is easily controlled via the control lever which is located on top of the digging box. To increase the digging depth simply move the lever up or for shallow digging move it all the way in.

Don't be put off by its larger size - this machine is perfectly balanced with a choice of a powerful petrol or diesel engine and a 26" (66cm) wide rotavator box.

The three forward and reverse speeds allow for faster operation (particularly when using the grass cutting attachments) and the large 5.00 x 10 agricultural wheels ensure that it's easy to manoeuvre.

The C13 also has the added benefit of a locking differential making it easy to use on difficult terrain and steering brakes for on-the-spot turning and easy manoeuvrability. All these features combine to make sure that this rotavator is functional, versatile and durable.

CAMON C13 Rotavator - Adjustable Handlebars
CAMON C13 Rotavator - Hard Wearing Tines
CAMON C13 Rotavator - Parking Brake
CAMON C13 Rotavator - Simple Depth Adjustment
CAMON C13 Rotavator - Locking Differential
CAMON C13 Rotavator - Steering Brakes


Model Honda GX390 Briggs & Stratton 2100 Yanmar L100N
Fuel Petrol Petrol Diesel
Net Power Output 11.7hp / 8.7kW
>12.0hp / >9.0kW
9.0hp / 6.7kW
Starting Recoil or Electric Recoil Recoil or Electric
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.1L 6.5L 5.5L
Fuel Consumption 3.5L per hour
-.-L per hour
2.1L per hour

Power Unit

Model BCS 740
Gears 3 forward & 3 reverse
Speeds Forward: I: 1.26 km/hr II: 2.92 km/hr III: 4.30 km/hr
  Reverse: I: 1.33 km/hr II: 3.08 km/hr III: 4.53 km/hr
Brakes Steering brakes
  Parking brake
Differential Locking differential
Wheels 5.00 x 10 agricultural
Weight 112 - 132kg
Dimensions Length: 200cm
  Width: 75cm (at handlebars)
    58cm (at wheels)
  Height: 120cm
Warranty Domestic use: 3 years
  Commercial use: 2 years

Rotary Hoe

Digging Width 66cm (26")
Digging Depth 20cm (8")
No of Tines 20
Weight 40kg