GreenThumb Service Bookings | Terms and Conditions

CAMON Service Booking System | Exclusively for GreenThumb

It is important that you read the following Terms & Conditions.

General Terms & Conditions

The price of the Service Options covers the items that are listed within each option. See Service Options Pricing for full details.

The following will not be covered by the cost of the Service Options:

The replacement of parts that are missing from the machine when it is returned to us.

The replacement of parts deemed to be defective due to customer abuse or neglect, ie lack of servicing.

The replacement of parts that have been modified by anyone other than Tracmaster.

If any additional parts are required due to any of the above reasons then Tracmaster will ask each branch whether they would like to pay for the replacement parts.

It is important that the underside of each machine, including rotors, is clear of grass and any other debris as our technicians are unable to work on machines in this condition. A cleaning charge of £40.00+VAT will be applied to all machines that we are unable to work on due to their condition.

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

After the service work has been completed an invoice for the total amount will be issued to the branch.

Payment is to be made within 30 days from the date of the invoice.

Monthly Payment Scheme (MPS)

The Monthly Payment Scheme (MPS) covers the cost of all Service Options, except Option 4 - Engine Transfer, which would incur an additional cost.

Under the MPS, Tracmaster requires an initial 6 month accrual of payments before a machine can be booked in for a service.

Should a franchise wish to book a service for their machine before this initial 6 month period, then a payment of the 6 month amount can be made. Following this, the regular monthly payments will continue as normal.

Failure to keep up payments may cause the schedule of your machine service to be affected.

An invoice will be sent each month for the amount payable, this amount must then be paid within 30 days from the date of the invoice. A direct debit option is not currently available.

The Monthly Payment Scheme does not include the cost of transferring an engine from an old machine to a new body.

If you wish to cancel at any time, this must be done in writing with a minimum of one month's notice. You can email us or complete the online contact form. Please ensure that you provide your branch number, machine serial number(s) and contact details.