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According to experts, the UK’s meadow flower species have decreased by 97% since the 1930s, so there has never been a better time to begin creating your own wildflower areas and to help halt the rapid decline of our native wildflowers.

It's surprisingly easy to create a wildflower area, and it doesn't need to be the size of a football pitch, a small bed or even a planter will suffice.

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We all want our garden to look like the picture-postcard image with a beautiful, lush green lawn and flowers in bloom. However, for many of us the reality is far different with patchy or overgrown lawns!

Advances in technology and improved manufacturing techniques have resulted in artificial grass that looks incredibly realistic, and the artificial grasses available today are hard wearing and are designed to withstand the wear and tear of kids and pets.

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With the drop in temperature recently it certainly feels as if winter has arrived (although not officially until 21 December apparently) so now is the time to take action to ensure that your home is suitably protected.

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The internet is a mine of information for helpful advice on how to be prepared for winter and there are many different organisations are offering guidance online. Websites from the Met Office to the Red Cross all cover a wide variety of winter-related topics from getting a flu jab to ensuring you have enough de-icer!

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